About the Artist

An artist from the start.

From a young age Ralf Westermayer has always had a great admiration and appreciation for fine quality valuable collectibles. Items of rare quality that were handmade and limited editions piqued his interests, such as vintage coins and stamps, vintage automobiles, antique fine furniture and fine art to name a few of his vast array of personal interests. Ralf comes by these interests honestly as he is a descendent of Philip Rosenthal the creator and manufacturer of the beautiful and highly collected fine Rosenthal China founded in 1879.

As a boy Ralf was always the art teachers favorite student however his great love for competitive sports sidetracked Ralf from drawing and painting for several of his formative years. As a young man Ralf rediscovered art during an art history course while attending Washington State University. Ralf, true to his heritage, has allowed his creative side to flourish by producing fine art works on mediums such as oils, acrylics and pastels on canvas.

After mastering different styles of fine art, in particular impressionism, Ralf's interests shifted to larger projects...

Ralf found that custom home design and construction would be a perfect canvas to expand the size and scope of his fine art paintings, incredible handmade wood carvings and unique use of various mediums. His architectural influences are Green and Green and Frank Loyd Wright. In particular the arts and crafts movement in general drew his attention. After creating masterpiece projects with with expansive 40 foot inset paintings that feature the local landscapes, handmade custom arts and crafts influenced style integrated furniture, lava like flowing floors and cave like stone bathrooms Ralf realized the need to find just the right type of fine lighting to compliment and highlight numerous details and unique characteristics of Ralf's beautiful live-able functional works of art. Ralf found that the Handel forms of lamps and lighting, established in 1876, was the perfect rare collectible works of art to compliment and literally shine light on his master created live-able works of art. The Handel lamps have provided an unparalleled warmth and glow to his interiors with the added benefit of being an appreciating asset.

Ralf came to the realization that his large collection of Handel lighting was much more than could ever be used for future projects.

For many decades Ralf set about collecting, trading and acquiring all shapes and sizes of Handel lighting, painstakingly finding just the right lamps to compliment his expansive projects. Over the years various people asked Ralf if they could buy and or trade for some of Ralf's lamp collection. Ralf came to the realization that his gigantic collection of Handel lighting was much more than could ever be used for future projects. The lamps presented here are from Ralf's collection. Ralf has had the pleasure over recent years providing these lamps to people that have enjoyed them as much as he has.

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